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Good Vibrations Theater

The team supporting your success in communications

The Good Vibrations Theater is a team of actors, authors and directors with the objective to support company communications. For an international audience they perform in English, easy to understand for non native speaking people. If you would like to support processes of change within the company via theater for employees, present new products to your customers or enhance your festivities with an Anniversary Theater: The Good Vibrations Theater supports you professionally with heart and know-how.

  • Capital can be raised, factories built. Human beings must be won over.
    Quotation about Good Vibrations Theater

The many faces of Corporate Theater

Some people call it "Company Theater", some "Business Theater" and others "Topic-oriented Improvisation". Do not let the terms upset you. If you like, you can look up the various definitions in the Glossary. Ultimately, its name is of secondary importance. Significant is that from the mix of Corporate Theater tools we select the right ones for your needs. At the Good Vibrations Theater, everything happens with concept and expertise. Because we are Corporate Theater professionals.