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The philosophy of the Good Vibrations Theater

Communication, which is fun

In addition to the information, lasting success in communications has a lot to do with emotions and experience. At Good Vibrations Theater, fun and entertainment convey information. We create mindfulness. We use surprise, curiosity and excitement to slip your messages in the head and mind of the audience. With bits of information wrapped in entertainment, we pass the barriers of communication holding up even heavy ammunition of prosaic arguments.

  • The goal has been achieved! With you drama, you succeeded in addressing mind, heart and feeling and thus exciting emotions. A high compliment for the screenplay and the dramaturgic accomplishment.
    Quotation about philosophy of Good Vibrations Theater

Success wrapping of your messages

We are the wrapping paper for your message. The sugar cubes of your oral vaccination. We wrap also difficult contents so that the audience is willing to deal openly with it. We let it discover that which is even more beautiful in beauty and maybe not just as bad in the imminent malady. Most of all we let the audience discover for itself that the necessity is necessary. We prepare the grounds for change.