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Fitting like a glove

Usually the Good Vibrations Theater is a customized service. We create the play always new; luckily, the required procedure must not always be reinvented for this purpose. Our years of experience resulted in a success-proven step by step masterplan, in which the close coordination between you and the Good Vibrations Theater is essential.

  • Your scenes touched just the right chord to embed our topic "One Brand" positively in the minds of our employees. With your entertaining presentation you gained the acceptance of our often skeptical management consultans and encouraged them in various ways to reflect on their own position.
    Quotation about progress of a production

Many small steps lead to success

Good Vibrations Theater's well-established team supports your event team with help and advice from the start. This way our experienced directors and authors will show you a wide range of ideas how you may optimally integrate Corporate Theater into your event. During the development of the play, we coordinate every step closely with you. A process, which may take between four and twelve weeks depending on the type and scope of your play.

3 Concept preparation

Project manager and author discuss the briefing with the actors involved and solidify a rough concept. From various Corporate Theater methods, you select those that will lead your event to success.

4 Drafting the text

The author writes the first draft and discusses it with the project manager. After an internal revision, this is forwarded to you.

7 Equipment

The project assistant supports the rehearsal and provides costumes, props and possibly required audio production.

8 Internal dress rehearsal

We hold the complete rehearsal in our rehearsal rooms.

9 External dress rehearsal

If you would like to experience beforehand what your guests will be excited about very soon, we will perform the play, on your request, for your acceptance.