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Theater for anniversaries

Bring your history to life

Back then, not everything was necessarily better – but there was much that was different. The clocks ticked differently, people had different needs and the companies different communication and production requirements. Much of it has been forgotten and boggles the mind. The Good Vibrations Theater turns back the clocks and brings the history of your company back to life – at your anniversary event.

  • Your play was really great. Researched very well and perfectly staged - this brought the history of the telephone book of life!
    Quotation about Theater for anniversaries

Livening your ceremonial act charmingly

Sprinkled well dosed between your official speeches the Company Theater presents the highlights of your company history. It illustrates the moments in which the course was set for a successful development of your company. Arrived in the here and now we use the opportunity to define our position and allow for a cabaret outlook into the future. Or we sound the bell for changes, for instance with regard to the orientation of the company.

The unique experience with high recognition value

We bring life and diversion to your anniversary event and underline the festive scope of this special moment. With a speech by the management, the words of welcome by the mayor, the chairman of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the works council alone you will not get very far. These items on the agenda gain immensely when mixed with brief and entertaining dramatic scenes. Don't worry, we will not exceed your time frame, already 3 or 4 scenes of 5 minutes each can make the difference, generating the aha experience for the anniversary guests.