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Company Theater for employees

Creating changes playfully

Nothing is as constant as change. Companies merge, departments are restructured, hierarchies are established and removed. This requires employees to be flexible and ready to get involved in change and support it with all their might. This always involves courage – and sometimes persuasion. During your Change Management Process Good Vibrations Theater renders this persuasion with every trick in the Company Theater book.

  • Your scenes touched just the right chord to embed our topic "One Brand" positively in the minds of our employees. With your entertaining presentation you gained the acceptance of our often skeptical management consultans and encouraged them in various ways to reflect on their own position.
    Quotation about Theater for employees.

Giving new impetus

Sometimes it just requires a push. With the method of the Impetus Theater, we arrange for attention and get things rolling. With proper arguments, positive emotions. In our plays specifically written for you, we take the fear out of the future and see to it that your employees deal with change and have an open mind for something new.


Some forms of Corporate Theater such as the Forum Theater allow your employees to interfere in scenes like a director and give the actors instructions regarding the progress of the play. So the scene is created interactively; concertedly the desired result is approached.

  • The goal has been achieved! With your drama you succeeded in addressing mind, heart and feeling and thus exciting emotions. A high compliment for the screenplay and the dramaturgic accomplishment.
    Quotation about Theater for employees

Integrated into the overall process

No matter how we support the process of change – we are a building block and interlink to others so that the Corporate Theater is never a stand-alone. After performing the individual scenes and on request we pick your audience up: for instance in moderated rounds of talks, enabling you to consolidate the experience with your employees. Alternatively, we will also gladly make suggestions for workshops addressing the topic of the Corporate Theater and enforcing the released impetus.