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Forum Theater

Your employees step in

The Forum Theater is based on a scene specifically written for a given topic aiming at a goal. The audience is informed about this goal, e.g. "better communication between departments" and the actors start to play. Then a moderator calls "Stop" and asks the audience for suggestions regarding the progress of the scene. The audience states their ideas and thus contributes to the solution of the problem. The actors adapt the scene according to the suggestions and continue with the improvised scene.

  • The message has been received. Our goal to establish the part of the special agent has been achieved. The very positive feedback form our colleagues confirms that you communicated the contents in a clear and readily understood manner through humor and a varied presentation.
    Quotation about Forum Theater

New ideas solve the problem

The scene is not always performed chronologically, e.g. the moderator may skip back to a past scene in order to start there again with a new idea. The audience soon feels which suggestions lead to the goal and which are more likely to hinder the process. The scene is played until the audience together with the actors finds an acceptable solution. However, these are always the ideas of the employees that lead the scene to a successful conclusion.

A new perspective makes it possible

Since the employees quasi look onto themselves with the aid of the actors, they see details, which might slip in everyday business. The necessity of change is recognized and the change realized immediately. Sometimes the solutions found cannot be transferred to everyday life one to one. But the basic idea of the experienced change finds its way into the company. With an overwhelming acceptance.

  • Restructuring is often connected with reservations on the part of the employees. You succeeded in reducing these reservations. By holding a mirror up to the employees as well as the distinct hierarchy levels encouraging a reflection on one's own position. Thank you for this extremely successful Company Theater.
    Quotation about Forum Theater